Small Things



This summer, home is a running theme for me as Andrew and I settle in to our new place, which has been lived in by his family for years. My reading has accompanied this nicely as I have slowly made my way through Under the Tuscan Sun, about Frances Mayes’ restoration of a house in Italy, and Volume 11 of Kinfolk, which is all about the concept of home. The essence of a home comes largely from the people it is shared with, and we’re loving spending more time with friends and family, particularly our nieces and nephews who are so much fun to be around, and our various visitors. We have generally kept up a holiday vibe ourselves while they are around, spending lots of time in the sun and by the sea, eating outside and living in slower summer rhythms. The outdoors is so good for me, and horse riding and swimming in the sea in particular have brought me a very natural sense of peace.

This week has required a little more focus, though – a little more work! I started my market stall on Tuesday and we’ve had lots of lovely guests in and out all week. At the end of the busy days, I’ve been listening to music to calm my thoughts and help me to relax. Morning alarms and good strong cups of coffee have helped me to take control of my busier routine, as well as planning, organisation, and keeping things simple.

The small things bring a lightness to routine and work, and here are some of my ‘small things’ from the past week…

I’ve been:

*Reading – this article, this book, and some back issues of Kinfolk (look out for posts on Kinfolk at my Hand and Heart blog)

*Listening to – the rather eclectic mix of Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, violinist Lindsey Stirling, The Lark Ascending and this song by Third Day

*Making – jewellery for Hand and Heart

*Wearing – a small amethyst necklace I got free with a present for someone else

*Eating – Rhoda’s rice pudding – look out for the simple recipe for this later in the week!

*Laughing at – Children’s sweet ways

*Trying – Horse riding again after a few years away from it

*Loving – getting in the sea…


How has your week been?

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