Small Things


Recently, life has been very busy, and all the ‘small things’ have swept passed me, noticed, and appreciated, but largely unrecorded! So… here is a muddly list of some of the things that have enriched my day-to-day over the last few weeks!

*SALE in Fatface!

*Rain on the windows of the cafe I was sat in with a friend on Sunday

*Running in the wind with Jamie and Jo

*These posts at Joy Felicity Jane: Apple Picking & Sydney in Autumn and Why Rain is Unquestionably the Best Weather Ever

*Watching Toy Story 2 again with my sis 🙂


*Being at a conference when this happened, and being able to hear all sorts of other inspirational talks there

*Homemade apple crumble

*Taking photos

*Making plans for the future

*New make up

*A good glass of red wine, and conversation around the table

*Jamie cuddles

*Watching David Suchet on the Orient Express – I would so love to go on it! I can just imagine a pile of books in my little cabin, watching the scenery drift by, people watching in the restaurant car…

*Watching Jamie chasing his ball – he just loves it!

*The luxury of going out for Brunch with Andrew

*Reading more of A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp – I know I’ve mentioned this book before, but pretty much every sentence is helping me so much at the moment!

*Chatting with the teenagers while we did henna patterns on their hands. It’s such an honour to get to hear about their lives and talk about what matters to them.

*Strawberries & sunshine 🙂








How’s your May going? What are your small things lately?

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