Seasonal Small Things


It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Small Things’ post – not because I have lost my gratitude for the little things in life, but rather because I felt I might bore you all to tears if I mentioned another Chai Tea or pub lunch!

But today, the sun is shining, and it feels like a good day to share a few of the cheery little Spring things that I’ve been enjoying lately 🙂

~Sitting Outside as much as possible!

~The windows being open at night, the sun coming through the blinds in the morning, and hearing the birds wake up. Our bedroom has two windows, so we get lots of lovely morning light.

~Keeping the doors open so our dog and next door’s dog can wander between the two gardens all day.

~Having freckles on my face!

~Not having to wear wellies to walk the dog – and feeling grass on bare feet!

~Having the first BBQ of the year.

~Blossom and all the shades of green in the trees.

~Drivers being way more relaxed and gracious because the weather’s nice.

~Not needing to wear a coat.

~Birds in the garden.

~Butterflies in the garden.

~Bumble bees in the garden.

~Planning holidays.

… I could go on – aren’t there so many good things about this time of year?! In my family, everyone is planning new things for 2014 so the Summer ahead holds even more promise and excitement than usual. It’s just hard not to get ahead of ourselves, so I’m trying to remind myself to enjoy the here and now rather than just waiting for the next adventure.






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  1. T. D. Davis says:

    Beautiful! And chai tea isn’t half bad either. 🙂

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