Small Things


This is only my second post of the new year – the plunge back into work has very much thrown me this year, after my lovely week away in Devon.

For those others who have had a hard first week back for whatever reason, I’m praying that you get some moments of peace and a good rest this weekend 🙂

So here is the first ‘Small Things’ post of 2014 (a list of little things that have made me happy in the last week or two).

*Oh the seaside…


*Homemade food. We all made a food rota and chose a different meal to cook each day. Highlights were Jo’s Caribbean fish stew (accompanied by Bob Marley), my Harissa lamb, and Andrew’s delicious Italian chicken… Jo and I also decided today to try to emulate our Nana’s flapjack – it’s not quite Nana’s but it’s edible!

*An impromptu violin lesson with a friend.

*Time away with my lovely friend Toni. Whenever we see each other, we try to pray together as well as talking, which is such a support.

*Being surprised by another lovely friend, Sheena, who turned up to help at one of my groups and then took me out for lunch!

*Reminiscing about our holiday in Rome a couple year’s ago as I flicked through Andrew’s new Italian cookbook…

rome 3

rome 4

rome 1I wonder what 2014 will hold!


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