A few words on Christmas…

This week I deleted my draft Christmas posts, which I promised a week or two ago. I found that I just couldn’t bring myself to add to the plethora of Christmas ideas that are surrounding us at every corner – TV, magazines, online, in the shops… To be honest I find it all rather dizzying. I’m enjoying closing the door on it all when I come home  and contenting myself with fire, family and fairy lights.

I do enjoy many aspects of the traditional Christmas. I had a great time at a party yesterday, and hearing members of my youth group perform Christmas songs today really warmed my heart, as did the excitement of some of the younger children in my groups earlier in the week.

I’m just put off by the pressure of it all, the expectation, and the sheer quantity of tasks to be done. At the end of the day, rushing around like headless chickens means that family time becomes strained, my spirituality suffocates, and my mind is full of to do lists.

So, I’m making some Advent resolutions to help me navigate the season…

*I’m going to be taking the advice of the women in the articles I mentioned previously, and keeping it simple.

*I’ll do things because I would like to do them, not because they are always done at Christmas.

*I’ll choose quality over quantity – in terms of both activities and gifts.

*I’ll make space for rest, creativity, worship and love.

…Or that’s the theory! I’ll let you know how it goes in practise!

What are your Advent resolutions?


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