A few links for you to enjoy…


This week has been half term. Which means that although I’ve not been officially off work, I have done a lot of what I call ‘pottering’ (apologies there for the ‘what I call’ Miranda moment!).

So… filing, browsing the Internet, housework, browsing the Internet, sorting, browsing the Internet, reading, admin, eating and drinking have very much been the themes of the week – which has been lovely! Here are some bits and pieces from around the web that you might enjoy:

I have been enjoying lots of Freya’s posts at Nishaantishu, including some beautiful pictures of Italy, and she also drew my attention to a book by Kinfolk, which I think may need to go on my Christmas list! I love the emphasis on community 🙂 Take a look here.

I have also discovered a new blog which really makes me laugh! It’s written by a Jewish stay at home Dad, who has the greatest sense of humour and fun 🙂 This post is fab.

This is the sweetest thing ever!! A little boy made friends with the Pope 🙂 I know it has done the rounds on facebook, but if you haven’t seen it it’s worth a little look.

Another facebook find, this is how a pianist managed to remember a Concerto she hadn’t prepared for after the orchestra started playing the wrong thing. Inspiring!

And finally, I know it’s not a link, but I just had to share this photo of the beautiful crisp Autumn morning yesterday:



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