Small Things

This week, I’ll be honest, I’ve been at times a little grumpy! But that does not mean there haven’t been more ‘small things’ reminding me that life is good 🙂

Here are a few of those small, simple things:

*The leaves turning orange and red. This is our vine which I think looks beautiful!


*The teenagers at one of the youth groups I run. They made some really sweet photo frames etc.



*Having my sister around. We actually took this pic last Autumn but it’s so seasonal I couldn’t resist including it!


*Cuddles with my dog!!

*Chai Tea at Nero’s. I love their posters, which remind me of Italy.



I’ve been:

*Listening to classical music – I heard an Aria from Bach’s Goldberg Variations earlier and it was so peaceful.

*Reading – not a lot unfortunately as I’ve been very busy but I did love this post from Louise and this one from Freya , which made me want to go to Italy again.

*Visiting Richmond Park – sooo lovely all year round. I couldn’t get a decent snap of the deer on my phone but I did get one of my little picnic stop.


*Eating Samphire Risotto, Andrew’s Apple Cake, and Turkish Delight from my parents’ holiday!


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