Having recently travelled in a very short space of time to four places I have previously called home, I have been thinking a lot about what that word really means. I wondered what others’ perspectives might be, so I have called in a few friends to provide you with pictures and words to sum up what *home* means to them. I can’t wait to share some of their pieces with you!

This first two are so different, but I sort of feel that, at least in part, they are saying essentially the same thing – that home is built, shaped, worked at. I wonder whether it is this process that brings the ‘heart’ to a home.


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I live in a rented house in Stockwell with five other guys. Hence the bars. My room is cold and dark in winter. At the minute, the boiler and dishwasher are broken. There’s barbed wire around our garden.
This year, Blackbirds and Blue Tits nested in our garden. I put a pond in, and now we have goldfish and dragonflies. I can see a Robin on our bird feeder (through the bars of my window).
There are seven billion people in the world. At the risk of sounding anti-social, my home is where they are not.
Except by appointment.
andy pic
Photo by Andrew – ‘A Room with a View’
Home is an idea, a feeling, a sense. It is more than just a place or a time. Home needs people, it wants to be shared. It is a goal and a vision. A home is built upon, worked at, worked out, it is adjusted and tested, it matures and develops and remains despite the shifting seasons of life. It is hard work, but when it happens, it is something of highest value. It is a shelter and a refuge, a place of laughter and joy, a place of rest and contemplation, a place just to be. But the beauty of it is; home can be created wherever you go.
Home by Susie
Picture by Susie

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