All that is green and good


Yellow brings joy, white brings beauty and green is goodness, life and hope.

In May and June, my commute to and from work takes me through tunnels of sunlit green. The hedges on either side of the lanes become utterly verdant; the trees exude life; the grasses in the fields catch the breeze and the light just beautifully.

There is nothing like a walk in all this green to raise the spirits even more. Stood in a field of grass or wandering down a quiet lane amid the May hedgerows feels safe and pure. My heart brims, where before it was weary or subdued.

The birds sing as loudly as they can, punctuating the quiet like church bells.  The flowers, in all their colours and shapes, are sweetly abundant all through the hedges.

At home, a salad of avocado and lettuce or a sparkling tonic with lime and mint bring a simple, summery refreshment.

As evening draws in, the darkening sky softens the green of the trees outside the window, making them velvety, but just as strong and safe and good as the sunlight showed them to be.





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