Autumn Moments

It draws me outside again. It’s just one glance through the kitchen window; the lowering sun, the blustering. And those colours. I can’t help myself: it’s on with the coat and boots, steaming cup in one hand, camera in the other, dog following behind and out to the garden for another fix of pure Autumn.

Those reds. Apples and berries and leaves, like flame and passion and sheer brilliance are bursting out of the space that summer left behind. Beauty that makes the soul ignite.

As the cup steams and the hands warm around it, the birds fill the air with a song easily as vibrant as Spring’s. The dog catches some of that shafting, lovely sun-warmth.

Looking at the leaf-carpet, the eyes catch sight of funghi – first one, then a whole city of imagined fairy houses spreading across the grass. In the mind’s eye, for a moment, it is night time, and each toadstool is lit with twinkling lights, Tinkerbellian revelry filling the air over the fountain and under the trees.

It’s the season for collecting, borrowing some of nature’s small wonders. The horse chestnut, the leaves and the mushroom. Laid out on the table, they look like pure goodness.

The water catches leaves and sky and the camera catches it all.

These Autumn moments are good moments, earthy and a little heavenly too.













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