Small Things: Yellow

It’s the colour of Spring, and probably the colour of Summer, too. Often identified with happiness, yellow is undeniably an optimistic hue.

It turns out that quite a few of my favourite things are yellow and this week a number of them have been brightening my life:

*Roses, bought by Andrew to cheer me up.

*A beautiful Fair Trade bouquet sent by my sister and her boyfriend, including, of course, sunflowers.

*Mango sorbet – is there anything as refreshing?

*Lemons, the perfect accompaniment to my Saturday pancakes.

*Gorse – my own personal emblem of Devon.

*My car, an aptly cheerful looking vehicle for my commute to work through country lanes alive with Spring growth.

*Daisies – because what better way is there to spend an afternoon than sitting on grass making daisy chains?

*Goldfinches, the quirkiest bird of the hedgerow.

What colour is cropping up in your life?








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